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No need to worry about stubborn programs ever again! Advanced Uninstaller PRO features an Installation Monitor that keeps track of all changes performed to your computer during software installations; this way you can later completely uninstall any program and make sure nothing is left behind. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is able to uninstall any program without a trace. Advanced Uninstaller PRO can also remove a lot of items that other uninstallers can’t even touch.
advanced uninstaller 11

Advanced Uninstaller PRO – Version 10

Able to remove programs from the right-click context menu. Can search for installed programs. Supports backing up and restoring programs. Includes lots of advanced settings. The program is cluttered with other tools. Doesn’t create a restore point before uninstalls. Includes non-free tools too. Monitored Installations To monitor an installation is to have Advanced Uninstaller PRO record a program setup routine’s every action so removing the program later will be much quicker and effective than a regular uninstall.

It works by recording all the files, folders, and registry items modified during the install. Select Start Installation Monitor to begin.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO will minimize and a new icon will appear in the notification center. Right-click the new icon near the clock and choose Monitor an installation. In the new prompt, choose the Yes button and browse for the setup file. Advanced Uninstaller PRO will take a snapshot of the registry before any changes are made so it can compare it with a post-install snapshot to understand the changes that were made.

The length of time for the snapshot to complete depends entirely on how many programs you already have installed and how fast your computer is. Before continuing, it’s critical to ensure you don’t make any other changes to your computer while installing the program.

If other changes are made, it’s possible Advanced Uninstaller PRO will misinterpret them as changes made by the installer, and this could cause unwanted results when uninstalling the program. Install the program normally, restarting if necessary, and then choose the button called Finish monitoring, save installation log.

Enter the name of the program you installed so it’s easy to manage it later. When it tells you it’s completed, you can stop the installation monitor by exiting the icon in the notification area.

Once an application has been monitored, there are a few things you can do with it, such as completely remove it, create a backup of the program, or delete specific parts of the install. Choose to run an automatic, full installation to completely remove the program, or choose Custom uninstallation to view every file, folder, and registry item that’s associated with it.

If the latter option is chosen, you can delete any specific entry you wish. With either uninstall option, you can also select to perform a backup of the program so you can reinstall it at a later date without having to run the setup file again. A backup can be restored from the Restore monitored application button, after which all the registry and file system items will be restored to their original location. Restoring an application works even if you install other programs after it has been removed.

For example, if you backup Google Chrome, remove it, and then install Microsoft Office, you can still restore Google Chrome without affected the Microsoft Office install. It’s really nice that you can create a backup of a program, complete with the registry entries and every file necessary to make it run.

The rest of the program can take away from the uninstaller feature, though. The other tools are useful for sure, but you’ll quickly find it a bit annoying to have to maneuver around the other tools to get where you want. It’s just not as simple and straightforward as some other uninstallers.

Uninstalling programs and repairing Windows registry keys

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a software that can help you optimize your computer by uninstalling programs and repairing the Windows registry. Uninstall programs, browser tool bars and plug-ins that are slowing down your computer with Advanced Uninstaller PRO Compatible with. Created by Innovative Solutions, Advanced Uninstaller PRO quickly uninstalls any program you wish to remove from your computer. Over 25 tools help you.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO for Windows

FAQ Advanced Uninstaller Pro Description Advanced Uninstaller Pro gives Windows users the ability to uninstall programs and clean the system registry to avoid traces of programs being left behind. Through the Advanced Uninstaller Pro, the start menu and control panel can both be managed, identifying which items will display or not and in which order. Advanced Uninstaller Pro Latest Version!

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Clicking on the Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site. This powerful free tool provides a range of options for permanently deleting sensitive files, cleaning your Registry, optimizing and backing up your Registry and Windows core files, and removing unwanted software from your machine.

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Created by Innovative Solutions, Advanced Uninstaller PRO quickly uninstalls any program you wish to remove from your computer. Over 25 tools help you. is part of Daily Health Check and developed by Innovative Solutions according to the version information. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is not only designed to remove installed programs from the computer (including any files, folders or registry entries.

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