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The now-annual upgrades to Parallels Desktop fall squarely into the former camp. As a result, Parallels now supports Windows applications that rely on DirectX 11, while offering improved performance for DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 as well. Formerly incompatible 3D graphics software like Autodesk 3ds Max not only launches but runs surprisingly well considering how GPU-intensive it can be. Parallels is quick to note that DirectX 11 support relies heavily on the CPU and graphics in your Mac, so owners of newer hardware will benefit most. The folks at Parallels have managed to eke out a little more performance for popular productivity software, too.
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Save time with one command: Vagrant Up. Command Line Interface Use prlctl, prlsrvctl , to control Parallels Desktop for Mac and virtual machines, their settings, and configuration. Autocompletion for prlctl and prlsrvctl commands in bash. Jenkins Run your builds in VMs by initiating and managing with Jenkins.

Parellels Desktop

With the Jenkins plugin, Parallels Desktop VMs are launched dynamically whenever they are needed to build jobs, and then suspended during idle time for high-density usage of resources. Chef Quick identification for recipes created from within Parallels VMs.

Install a beta macOS or beta Windows release in a virtual machine safely on your Mac. New update or upgrade released?

First test it out in a VM. Save snapshots of a virtual machine. If something goes wrong, you can revert the changes back to any of your snapshots and continue working with the guest OS. Download Pre-Built VMs If you don’t have enough time to create a new virtual machine with the required configuration, you can download a ready-to-use one with a predefined configuration.

Optimized for macOS Mojave Develop in one VM and test in others with just one click using the plugin for Visual Studio. Assign a drive letter to shared folders. Create executable files in the Mac folders shared with Windows. Create and manage your virtual machines via the command line interface. Share Windows network drives with Mac. Check websites in different versions of Internet Explorer on different versions of Windows.

Color code VMs from the Context menu to distinguish them from one another. Generate a VM memory dump from Parallels Desktop. Start Windows in Rollback Mode if you don’t want Windows to store the changes you made to it during the working session. Integrate with Office Use a single cloud storage space between Mac and Windows. Create development environments in a virtual machine, and easily back up, share, or restore it.

Use the Parallels Vagrant plugin to work with reproducible and portable work environments. Use linked clones in the Vagrant plugin to create new boxes fast and use disk space efficiently. Use bash completion for Parallels CLI tools. Test different connectivity issues with an enhanced network editor; simulate an unstable network connection or limit network bandwidth in a VM.

Set a custom icon for every VM. Use tcpdump with virtual networks. Create custom host-only networks. Sort VMs in Control Center. Access Pro tools from the menu: Limit VM resource usage. Use 8. Support for mmap in Linux Shared Folders. Clean your drive, take screenshots, and more.

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Download a full-featured free day trial of Parallels Desktop Your personal account at Parallels: manage your Parallels product. Download and Install Parallels Desktop for Mac and Parallels.

Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac review: Metal support brings improved graphics performance

Parallels Today, popular virtualization software Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac becomes available to new and current users. Other additions include a handful of new macOS Catalina-related features and improvements to transitions between Mac and Windows software running on the same machine. When we wrote about Parallels Desktop 14 around this time last year, we asked about Metal support. We were told it was coming, and we were not misled:

iOS and iPadOS 13.1 Now Available

Parallels Desktop 15 is the first iteration of the cross-platform software to support DirectX 11 using Apple’s hardware accelerated Metal graphics API. The switch to Metal should bring a noticeable performance boost — Parallels claims 3D graphics rendering is up to 15 percent faster, while Microsoft Office apps should launch up to 80 percent faster. Remastered all receiving special mention.

VIDEO REVIEW: Parallels: Mac & Windows Virtualization, Remote Application Server, Mac Management Solutions

Parallels Desktop 15 supports a wider range of PC software than ever before, and is a genuine ‘best of both worlds’ option that allows Mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac is the easiest and most powerful application to run Windows on Mac without rebooting. Order online now at Parallels solutions enable seamless delivery of virtual desktops and applications to any device, running Windows on a Mac, Mac management with Microsoft.

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Parellels Desktop

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