FREE Krezie Synthwave Soundbank for TAL-U-NO-LX Released

Very thankful. After years of giving his hard work and exemplary programming efforts away for free, Mr. You ask: There are many so-called vintage synths on the market, What makes this one special? The previous version was free; it was pretty good.
tal u no lx presets

Juneau for TAL U-NO-LX

Very thankful. After years of giving his hard work and exemplary programming efforts away for free, Mr. You ask: There are many so-called vintage synths on the market, What makes this one special? The previous version was free; it was pretty good. Why should I pay for it now? I suspect that there are many more like me, who fondly remember those types of classic synth sounds and still consider them relevant. Why should classic synth sounds be considered any more antiquated than other vintage instruments?

Is it unreasonable to consider that countless synth enthusiasts feel the same way about time-honoured synthesizers? Even the original hardware presets have been painstakingly recreated for an unprecedented level of authenticity. The new, larger GUI is a very, very kewl homage to a beautiful, mint-condition Roland Juno 60, circa U-NO-LX remains true-blue to the original hardware whilst blessing us with a few advantages of present-day technology. For example, TAL doubles the original, six-voice polyphony specs and favors us with 12 voices.

The original hardware was not a midi device. Thankfully, U-NO-LX is entirely midi controllable and even outfitted with easy-breezy midi-learn functionality. The luscious pads, breathy, chorused strings, and stabbing, hearty basses that popularized the original are all here — with very great accuracy.

A laudable quality observed in Mr. Since its initial release in August of , TAL has regularly updated and improved this exceptional instrument. Every reported bug or potential bug is swiftly stamped out and eradicated as soon as it is detected. Kunz maintains open, transparent communication with TAL customers. His customer support model is exemplary. There is an obvious, diverse selection of high quality virtual synthesizers currently on the market.

Anyone with an internet connection, and even a remote interest in the topic, knows it. To briefly teach the younger readers about why the Roland Juno 6 and Juno 60 are so important in electronic music history, indulge me just a wee bit more with one more prefacing paragraph.

The Juno 60 was a six-voiced, single oscillator, polyphonic synth. This was a very eagerly welcomed improvement over previous designs; especially where the built-in 3 octave arpeggiator was concerned.

The most notable characteristic of this new, affordable, high-tech instrument was its onboard chorus. Installation and Authorization: Oh no! That silly girlie commercial from the eighties almost had me for a moment there. Whew, all this 80s chatter even has me remembering old TV-commercial jingles. Upon receipt of purchase, the buyer is issued a 64 alpha-numeric character serial code which is delivered via email.

Et voila. No dongles. Piracy totally blows. It sucks. Software theft is a crime and it is NOT victimless. Developers, such as Patrick Kunz, deserve very great respect and appreciation. Personally, I am very grateful to TAL for the ease and convenience of serial code authorization. The impeccably well-mimicked sliders, switches and buttons are just so much fun to play with. Each control region is sectioned off with thin, white lines and large, easy-to-read labels.

Much like the original hardware, the interface is designed to be intuitive and easily-tweaked. Even a brand new synth-novice will quickly become familiar with this rugged, old-skool arrangement. Even the decidedly 80s looking glow of classic red LEDs are imitated when a button is pushed in. There are three rows of synth controls; each being easy to navigate and manipulate.

Any combination of these can be used at a time. Next, we have a single slider to control the amount of High Pass Filtering. The frequency value itself is not “seen” by any numeric value here; this is a case of good ol’ fashioned “using your ears”. The latter controls the intensity by which the filter follows the current key.

There is a switch to assign normal or inverted envelope mode. The volume will not be shaped when GATE is enabled. There is a switch for assigning the trigger mode. Trigger mode choices are: Featuring the hallmark Roland-like Chorus effects, the user is given the option of type 1, type II, or both chorusing modes in tandem. The number of polyphonic voices can be set from 1 to MIDI Learn lets you assign a midi controller to each controllable parameter on the synth.

Here the performer is free to choose off, standard mode 1 where overlapped notes only are affected and mode 2 each note is played with portamento. The effect can also be tempo controlled with a slider. It can stick to the actual notes played, or can sweep up to 3 octaves. Presets a Plenty: To accompany the original presets, TAL bundles three more well-rounded banks of presets: Each of these additional banks is well categorized alphabetically.

The presets menu is conveniently placed at the top of the GUI. Sound Quality: A spiffy, rectangular sub-oscillator with its variable range of noise combines nicely with the tasty warble of retro LFO modulation. There is 4x oversampling built-in to keep sample aliasing to an absolute minimum. Accurate zero-feedback delay filtering, combined with the oversampling, allow for a smooth-sounding maximum filter sweep up to 20 Khz.

The filter cut-off has been carefully modelled to exhibit the inaccuracies of a real analogue synth. Two distinct harmonic distortion peaks are also part of the Juno filter. These harmonic peaks have been delicately replicated in this phenomenally accurate clone. I like this soft-synth. It sounds like the real deal. It looks like the real deal.

The price point is a real deal too. Just for grins n’ giggles, here a “cheesy” little 80s-sounding pop mish-mish that I threw together using ONLY the factory bank presets. Charles CPU Consumption: How marvellous.

How perfectly dandy! We have an old-skool synth that runs happily on old-skool computers. It is important to bear in mind that ambitious arpeggiation and chorusing will increase CPU load noticeably. Portions of LFO functionality have been hard-coded to use 4x anti-aliasing. While this keeps audio quality high, it does have an impact on performance.

Concluding Remarks: I anticipate great things for TAL in the not-too-distant future. U-NO-LX is seen on the horizon as a worthy peer to any offering, from any developer; independent or commercial. To that sentiment, I answer: There are many more feature-rich soft-synths that are devotedly embraced by the electronic music community.

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“Krezie Synthwave for TAL-U-NO-LX” is a collection of 95 quality presets for the TAL-U-NO-LX software synthesizer. Being an emulation of the. Audio plugins for all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android), tagged as Presets for TAL-U-NO-LX. The results are sorted by date added. An inspiring preset pack for TAL-U-NO-LX, a popular JUNO emulation.

TAL U-NO-LX Review

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VIDEO REVIEW: TAL-U-NO-LX V2 Presets by Joel Bisson

Togu Audio Line presents TAL-U-NO-LX Synthesizer Plugin, a complete rewritten emulation of the After you get this plugin check the free presets listed bellow. Welcome to the TAL-U-NO-LX NKS Library for the Native Instruments Komlete Kontrol software This NKS Library contains + presets for the. The Juno Iconic sound and design. The TAL U-NO-LX plugin captures the original down to its legendary chorus. A favorite among producers and players.

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