Windows 7 Ultimate To Enterprise

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise (Without Reinstalling Windows)

What are you talking about… Already used? Leonardo 31 de agosto de – Vinicius Carvalho 3 de janeiro de – With the release of the RC version, the operating system that arrives in stores in October is now available for download and is free for 90 days until the final version begins to be marketed. This download is not the fastest you’ve ever seen, after all the file is heavy and can take a few hours to fully download.
windows 7 ultimate to enterprise

Windows 7 editions

What are you talking about… Already used? Leonardo 31 de agosto de – Vinicius Carvalho 3 de janeiro de – With the release of the RC version, the operating system that arrives in stores in October is now available for download and is free for 90 days until the final version begins to be marketed. This download is not the fastest you’ve ever seen, after all the file is heavy and can take a few hours to fully download.

Windows 7 Ultimate To Enterprise

To be able to do this download you have to go through a series of forms. The first one requires you to sign in to your Windows Live Account. Then, you must fill out a form informing your data and why you are downloading Windows 7 Enterprise. At this stage it is crucial to inform that you are an IT professional.

Otherwise you will not be able to download the trial version of Windows 7. Then you will receive an email in the account that you entered in the registry. Make sure you have checked the option that you are an IT professional to be able to download the file.

Then, just click on the link contained in the message to be automatically directed to a screen that confirms the validity of your email. Then click the “Continue” button to start the download. Once finished, just wait for the time needed to download the 2. The time should vary depending on connection and the processing power of your computer. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee that this will be a quick process.

The News At first glance everything may look identical to Windows Vista with translucent windows and bars or sidebar gadgets on the right , but the similarities will end as soon as you open an application. They are now shown in the form of buttons, without the text descriptions on the side but, of course, you can go back to the previous pattern if you wish , which helps in the operation by touching computers with screens that are sensitive to them.

It is under these same icons that all windows of open applications are grouped together and identified by embossed markings next to them. With such small markings, how exactly to select the desired window? Very simple, drag your mouse over the desired program to open the preview in thumbnails. Now they are larger and more functional, allowing for dynamic selections which change with a simple mouse-click , including closing what is no longer necessary without having to maximize the content.

Depending on the applications in use, they are also grouped side by side in the bar itself with a small separation , so you can switch between them without any difficulty. Direct path to programs You can now insert your programs next to the start button without the need for separations for quick launch icons. Simply drag the desired program icon or a shortcut to it onto the bar to pin it to it. Even if the program is not running, it will be displayed continuously and can be opened instantly with just one click.

In order to make the access even more agile, by right-clicking on the programs that are in the taskbar you will open the calls “Jump Lists”. These quick lists contain a number of program areas – such as settings, document pages, specific options, and recently opened files – so you get to the point, saving you time and clicks.

A peek at your Desktop If you need to check some data or file that is located on your desktop, under a stack of windows, know that it is no longer necessary to minimize them. The feature is called Aero Peek and makes everything on the screen translucent, allowing you to see everything underneath.

Just take your mouse to the right side of the taskbar, on a small button to activate its operation. If necessary, click on this button to minimize all content that is in the path, and to restore everything to the previous state, repeat the operation.

Side-by-side comparison Continuing with the new features of Windows 7 content visualization, we also have the way to compare two windows, after all, who never wanted to evaluate their purchases well before finalizing them, or compare before and after an edition image or video?

To leave two windows side-by-side, separated exactly in the center of the screen, drag one of them toward the upper left corner and another to the upper right corner.

Uncomplicated networking and sharing Who has never beaten up trying to set up a home network, right? And that’s precisely where there’s another promise of Microsoft’s new system. Windows 7 is able to automatically recognize all devices that are connected – or in range – to your computer through cables or over Wi-Fi networks. Once recognized, they can be opened as if they were other hard disks for viewing files depending on the sharing settings selected for each machine or also as multimedia centers, as demonstrated during CES.

When running Windows Media Player , for example, you can choose to open a song that is on your laptop and play it on your computer, or send it to another device, such as an Xbox , without the need for wires and hassle free. The entire process is instantaneous and automated. Automatic and Immediate Troubleshooting It may sound like a lie, but automatic system detection and automated driver search for unrecognized devices underwent a complete overhaul and now works for real!

Just follow the steps on the screen and wait a few moments. Of course, it is not all that the search will work, but for the vast majority of cards and devices the result is surprising. Touch Commands: An Inevitable Future The wave began with the first Pocket PCs, gained a lot of power with iPhones and iPods Touch the laptops of Apple, which have full support for the technology, recognizing even multiple tones simultaneously and lately landed on laptops, especially the HP brand. Touch commands are part of the future, ensuring an even higher level of interactivity with content and applications.

That’s precisely why Windows now offers native support for the technology, with the features you need for your operation, as well as special applications such as Surface Globe, a map similar to Google Maps that is controlled with gestures only and supports rotation and zoom in real time. Make your conversations more fun For fans of chats and conversations by MSN , Microsoft prepared a surprise.

In the version of Windows Live Messenger that comes with Windows 7 Beta, you can record short videos with your webcam and use them as a display image, giving a much more personalized touch to your conversations. Also, the emoticons the expressions in the form of a drawing can be attached to your image, that is, every time you send a smile or a face of crying to someone through the conversation window, for example, their display immediately will change to a corresponding one.

Obviously, for everything to work, you must manually register the photos. At least the process is quite simple.

Much but much faster Of all the news, perhaps the most pleasing to users is the reduction of the number of services that is loaded at system startup. By opening only what is necessary for its operation, Windows becomes lighter in terms of both memory consumption and processing.

The result is a far superior performance at all times, whether to open programs and windows or to load files, acceptable even on machines not so robust, loading without difficulty the Aero Glass interface.

Without the same annoyances One of the main complaints among those who have chosen to use Windows Vista in recent years has been regarding the constant presence of confirmation boxes for moving data between folders, for installing programs and also for accessing certain system configurations.

This security infrastructure, called a User Account Control UAC , while aimed at reducing the risk of application access – thereby preventing malware and other potentially dangerous files from gaining free entry into the operating system core – becomes time.

In Windows 7, UAC is present to try to maintain the integrity of your computer, but in a more subtle way. Contrary to what was seen with its predecessor, in Windows 7 few are the times in which you will come across alerts and darkened screens. Closer to perfection Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. If everything seems too good to be true, know that there are some inconsistencies in Windows 7. These inconsistencies have been flawed in the Beta, but now they are drastically reduced. Not all programs behave well in Microsoft’s new environment, which results in general or partial system crashes, closing the application immediately.

However, Microsoft has already announced that the Ultimate version of Windows 7 will feature XP Mode, a virtual platform for running Windows XP programs without any compatibility issues. Either way, the jump that Windows 7 has made since January is glaring. It is surprising to see that a system with release planned only in a few months is already so solid and well finished. The number of downloads and serial numbers are unlimited. This version can be used until June 1, But be warned: How to download After clicking “Click to download” , you will be directed to the Windows 7 download page.

But take it easy, it is necessary to take a few steps to start the download. Scroll to the bottom of the page. To get started, you should choose the type of your system: Below the option corresponding to your system, choose the language of the download.

Currently, five languages are available: German, Spanish, French, English and Japanese. Click the arrow to proceed. If you do not already have this login, you can create your own by clicking on “Sign up now”.

After logging in with your Live ID, a registration is displayed. You must enter a full name, a valid email address, locality, type of user student, enthusiast, computer professional, etc. Optionally, you can choose to receive two newsletters with subjects always linked to the news of the virtual world. You can also allow Microsoft to send you news to your email address.

Click “Continue” to continue. You should receive an email to verify the address you provided. Just open this message and click on the link sent. A new page will open, confirming the verification of the email. Click “Continue” to proceed. On the page that appears, look at the serial number provided. It should be used to validate your copy of Windows 7. Write this number down on some paper or print it to install Windows.

Click “Download Now” to get started. Notice that the download manager belongs to the Microsoft website. Remember to release the component for it to run. Okay, Windows 7 is already on the way to your computer. Our opinion about Windows 7 Windows 7 Release Candidate has made an impressive leap since its Beta release.

Almost all the problems that have condemned Vista have been remedied or addressed. It recovers much of user confidence that was shaken by the failures of its predecessor. The installation is simple and very, very fast, taking up only half the average installation time of other versions of Windows.

What are you talking about…

I would like to upgrade windows 7 Ultimate to enterprise edition. On my new Dell Inspiron which previously installed with Windows 7. So you have a PC running Windows 7 enterprise edition that you want to use for your personal, daily usage? Let’s face it – the enterprise. Windows 7 and Ultimate are virtually identical except for the licensing. Windows 7 is a retail product while Enterprise is normally available only.

Main editions Windows 7 Starter Windows 7 Starter is the edition of Windows 7 that contains the fewest features. Windows 7 Starter is only available in a bit version. The Windows Aero theme is sadly not included in this version.

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Well, the Professional or Ultimate versions of Windows basically If you have Windows 7 or Windows Enterprise, you can upgrade that to. Solution: Home Premium can do an anytime upgrade to Pro or Ultimate, but not to Enterprise. Enterprise is Volume License only, and would require you to do a. Change where it says Ultimate to Enterprise. Once you have done that load the Windows 7 Enterprise CD and do the upgrade install – Without.

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Windows 7 Ultimate To Enterprise

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