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By Mike Tee — Posted on Dec 9, in Android Android is one of the most popular mobile computing operating systems and powers a diverse range of phones, including the low-end ones and the high-end flagship. The good thing about Android is that other than running it on mobile devices, it can also run on the desktop with a suitable emulator. In case you have an ancient Windows machine and want to convert it into something useful, running Android on it can give your ancient Windows machine a new lease of life.
windows emulator for android phone

6 of the Best Android Emulators to Run Android on Windows

You could be a mobile developer who is looking to test your apps before making them live, or you may just prefer to play mobile games on a bigger screen. Whatever the reasons, there are tons of ways you can run Android on PC, from using a virtual machine or an emulator to running an Android-based desktop application. Here are six projects that bring Android to your desktop. MEmu MEmu is one of the best-functioning and best-adapted apps that lets you run Android on Windows Designed with gaming in mind, MEmu does a great job of integrating PC keyboard-and-mouse controls and gamepads into its build of Android, and response times are equally impressive.

Windows Emulator For Android Phone

It has a ton of functionality, making it easy to sideload apps and games, and a forced minimum window size ensures that the window never becomes so small as to be unusable. The latest version of MEmu lets you run multiple instances of Android simultaneously, so you can play different games on the same account or instances of the same game through different accounts. If what you want is an adoption of the Android OS in its original form, then this is the solution for you.

The features of GenyMotion remain its best perks. It comes packed with over 3, different configurations for Android. Also, if you prefer to switch between different screen sizes and resolutions, then you are in for a treat.

GenyMotion supports full Android on PC application testing and development. GenyMotion is free for personal use but comes with a paid plan for commercial use. It is the native solution from Google for running Android devices on PC, and it does it pretty well. This improves the speed of the OS to an almost native feel. Android Emulator is free to use. It is built on native Android, so it is capable of supporting the millions of apps on Google Play.

And you can access Play from inside the app. Just download and run the app. The good thing about BlueStacks is that it is optimized for gaming on your desktop.

The latest version, BlueStacks 3, comes preloaded with optimizations for gaming experiences. Users who love running Android games on their PC are in for a smooth experience. The good news is that it runs on Android Nougat, too. Android X It requires VirtualBox to be installed and running on your PC, though.

The OS is on Android 5. The open source community touts it as the most stable solution available. The designers of this app chose to use a wide-screen user interface on this OS, so it feels like using an Android tablet with a keyboard.

There is no bloatware to clog up space. The Apache and GPLv3 license covers this project. Anbox runs its Android kernel in a Linux subsystem sandbox. This feature makes it run fast. The project integrates with the host OS to give users a feature-rich experience.

And it works on both mobile devices and laptops. It works only on Ubuntu and Debian. Started as an open source project, this OS has morphed to become one of the best Android OS available.

It is also a true multitasking workhorse. This means you should expect to run Bliss as a standalone OS for Android. It also comes pre-installed with Google Play, so you can access all apps on your PC at will. Unlike some other projects, it is a lot more stable.

There are a few crashes but nothing that affects your use. Each solution is suited for different uses. Is this article useful?

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Android Emulators for PC and Mac are seemingly becoming more popular as Multiple windows on the single device; Mapping shortcuts on. PC emulator for Android-Windows Android The emulator also supports the use of mobile phones as controllers for. Wish you could do more with your phone than just run Android? Codeweavers is working to sort you out: it’s just released version of the.

Windows emulator for Android | Run any Window in Android 2019

CPU cores: Click on Hard Disk A. Under the Advanced options, click on the Fullscreen option. Click on the Play button to run the Windows. You may now find yourself on the Windows startup screen on your smartphone.

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Windows emulator for android is a software or a program for android. It is used to Run the Windows operating system in an Android device or simply we can say to run windows on android.

VIDEO REVIEW: How to install Windows on Android Smartphone for Free?

JPCSIM is a Computer Simulator primary created to teach how to install various operating system on a computer, by make use of several images, JPCSIM can. Android Projects Run Windows 10 Memu. It has a ton of GenyMotion is an Android Virtual Device that runs on Oracle’s VirtualBox software. If what you want is 6-android-projects-android-to-pc-android-emulator. To get the. ExaGear is a paid emulator for Android that attempts to solve this problem, Windows applications are impossible to use on phone-sized.

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Windows Emulator For Android Phone

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